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Who Is Collie Bica? 

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From crop to cup, our attention to the nuanced aromas and balanced flavors of a good cup of coffee is more than brand-deep. From the soil in the ground and the farmers of the land to the sales reps and far above.

Collie Bica is owned and operated by generations of traditional Ethiopian families. As exclusive traders of the most sought-after crops—Green Arabica, Sesame Seeds, Cannellini, and Green Mung Beans.

We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional, authentic Ethiopian Coffee beans all over the world.

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Green Mung

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Cannellini Beans

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Our Mission

Utilizing our intimate connection to the land and people of Ethiopia, we work to provide roasters and retailers with the highest quality goods that our country has to offer at no expense to the environment. Every step of our sourcing processes is 100% environmentally and economically sustainable. From organic growers to local farming connections, Collie Bica is as good for the world as it is for your morning!

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From Crop to Cup, We Care!

Through each step of the way, Collie Bica is unmatched. Our locally-grown crops absorb the flavors of the land, until they're shipped off at lightning speed, stimulating Ethiopia's economy and taste buds around the globe. With such great prices, quality, and consistency in our processes, the only thing left is to have a taste!


Zero-Waste Organic Farming

Locally-Grown Crops & Seeds

​Global Trade Stimulation

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